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Modern Food Storage Mama is here to help you learn how to begin your food storage journey and gain confidence knowing that preparedness leads to peace of mind. I’ll teach you how to establish a monthly food storage budget, what to buy, how to store your reserves, and how to plan meals for your family with your food storage.

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Hey! I'm Brittany!

My motto is preparedness = peace. I have found in my life that preparing for emergencies by stocking up on food storage, essential supplies, and growing your savings account brings incredible amounts of peace.

Years ago, my husband and I faced a challenging financial crisis. We had three young children, and felt overwhelmed. Luckily, a few years before, I had felt impressed to build up our food storage supply. During this time, we relied heavily on the items that we had stored. I am so thankful we had built up a reserve of food. Whenever I would pull a food storage item off the shelf to make a meal for my family, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude.

The truth is, you can’t eat money! But you can prepare for any emergency. My mission is to show you how to start your food storage journey and gain the peace of mind that food storage and emergency preparedness bring through hard times.

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From budgeting tips to meal planning with stored foods, I will teach you essential skills to make food storage a seamless part of your life.

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