How To Put Together a Bug Out Bag

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How to assemble a bug out bag

Week seven of the 12-week 72-Hour Kit (Bug-out-bags) Challenge is finally here!

If you are following along with this challenge in real time, I sincerely apologize for the delay in getting the information posted. I had some family stuff come up over the past couple of weeks, and I couldn’t get this information out when I wanted to. Thankfully, life has normalized a bit, and I can now return to getting these posted. 

ALRIGHTY, let’s get back to work on our 72-Hour Kits!


Here is what we are working on this week…

First off, we are adding some essential items to our kits-

Emergency whistle/compass

Emergency blanket/sleeping bag

Emergency Blankets and Emergency Sleeping Bags

Emergency Tent

Next, for this week, I want you to review weeks 1-6 and check your kits to see what you have and still need to include. Print out the 72-Hour Kit Guide to use the checklists to see where you are with the necessary supplies for your kits. 

If you haven’t received my FREE 72-Hour Kit Guide via email, please email me so I can send it to you!

[email protected]

During the 12-week challenge, we are focusing on the essentials, so you will only have some of the suggested items by the end of the 12 weeks, but you will have the critical items. As for the more optional and fun items, like a deck of cards, etc, you can add those items to your kits once the challenge is complete (or now). I recommend having FUN things to do in your kits. I will be sharing a blog post about ideas for this in the future! First, we need to get the essentials for our kits squared away!

Let’s review what we discussed and worked on adding to our kits weekly…

Week ONE: This week, we focused on clothing for your kits. We spent no money on week one; we only searched our closets for clothing.

Week TWO: This week, we got bags to use or our kits, either by finding a bag you already had or by purchasing bags.

Week THREE: This week, we focused on Emergency Water!

Week FOUR: This week, we focused on toiletries. Can you imagine being in an emergency and not having a toothbrush and toothpaste for days? Yuck!

Search your home for toiletries you have on hand and could use in your kits. You may have some travel-size items left over from a recent trip.

Week FIVE: This week, we gathered first aid supplies, bought a first aid kit, searched our homes for a flashlight, or purchased a flashlight. 

Week SIX: We started gathering or purchasing foods you can use in our kits this week. 

This blog post about 72-Hour Kit Foods will help you as you start to gather and purchase foods for your kits.

Thank you so much for your patience, as I have been slow to get this information out in the past few weeks!

Through my experiences working towards my emergency preparedness goals, I have learned that it’s okay to take breaks or slow down in our progress, but what matters most is that we keep at it! 

I have built substantial food storage for my family and am well stocked with emergency preparedness supplies because I have stuck with them. 

Consistency is KEY to accomplishing our long-term goals. 

Please contact me with any questions you might have or if you haven’t received my free food storage guide or 72-Hour Kit guide.

If you are new to my website and still need to sign up for my guides, you can sign up for those HERE!

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  1. Thank you for all of this. So much of this I haven’t thought of. I can help my daughters and grandkids to be prepared for that just in case.

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