How To Afford Food Storage

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We all know that grocery prices have shot through the roof in the past few years. At a time when the price of food is so high, it is difficult to add in the costs of purchasing food storage for our families. You might be wondering how to afford food storage when grocery costs are already so high.

But what if I told you there was a method to buy food storage without increasing your monthly spending? Grocery budgeting and buying food storage can feel daunting, but you can reduce your spending on groceries and food with a few easy tips and tricks. Following these simple methods will create some wiggle room in your budget; you can use the money you save to buy food storage.

I have created a free guide to help you get started on your food storage and budgeting- sign up HERE to receive your free copy. I will walk you through starting your food storage and help you consistently work towards your goals! In this free guide, I share in detail my methods for budgeting and creating your food storage. I want to help others incorporate the cost of food storage into their current budgets. Buying food storage can feel daunting, but building a food storage supply is achievable with planning and consistent effort!

How To Afford Food Storage:

Here are five steps to help you build food storage into your monthly budget:

Step 1:

The first place we will look for money to spend on food storage is your current grocery budget! I recommend reading this article I wrote, 5 Simple Tips To Start Grocery Budgeting. In this article, I walk you through my grocery budgeting methods. You can download my free grocery budgeting printable HERE to help you keep track of your spending. Changing a few simple things might shock you with how much money you can save on your monthly grocery costs.

Step 2:

Think of foods you can cut back on or cut out completely. Of course, we want to buy nutritious foods such as fruit, vegetables, grains, proteins, etc. Please don’t cut back on the foods your family needs to create well-balanced meals. Start by cutting back on buying pre-packaged snack foods, candy, soda, alcohol, etc. I am not saying you must stop buying these things altogether, but the cost of these foods can add up significantly.

Step 3:

Next, evaluate how much you are spending on eating out. Consider all of the various ways you spend money on food. How often do you run through a drive-thru, grab a soda or coffee, eat lunch out, or go out for dinner? I bet you are spending more than you realize eating out! It is essential to track this spending and be aware of how much you spend monthly, not just on your grocery bill but your overall food spending.

Step 4:

Set a budget. You need to set a grocery and food storage budget to reach your food storage goals. I recommend buying short-term food storage (i.e., canned foods, shelf-stable foods, etc.) as part of your regular grocery budget. These are foods you can stock and rotate through regularly. As for your long-term food storage (i.e., freeze-dried foods, powdered milk, dehydrated foods, etc.), I recommend setting a second budget for these purchases.

Step 5:

Start stockpiling the foods you know your family will eat! If you come across shelf-stable or freezer foods on sale that you regularly eat, buy those items in bulk. This method of stocking up on food will save you money in the long run.

Be Consistent

For many years now, I have consistently worked towards building my family’s food storage stockpile. Before this, I had stocked up on food storage here and there, but I needed a monthly food storage budget and a plan to make serious progress with my food storage goals. I already knew how critical it is to have a food storage stockpile because I had been through circumstances where I relied on my food storage to keep food on the table for my family. You can read more about my personal story HERE.

Food Storage Brand I LOVE

When I started seriously working on my food storage, a friend introduced me to Thrive Life’s freeze-dried food. Thrive Life has high-quality food storage and offers a large variety of foods. I was drawn to this brand because I loved that I could stock up on nutritious pantry staples that would allow me to access long-term food storage similar to how my family currently eats. Thrive Life offers foods in many varieties, from proteins (i.e., chicken, pork, beef, etc.), dairy products (i.e., milk, cheese, sour cream, etc.), fruits, vegetables, and staples like rice, beans, etc.

You can learn more about Thrive Life freeze-dried foods at Please get in touch with me via email or on Instagram @foodstoragemama with any questions.

I have built a sizeable long-term food storage supply by taking advantage of Thrive-Life’s monthly specials and monthly delivery options. Thrive has products that go on sale each month and are part of their monthly specials. If you sign up for their monthly deliveries, you receive free shipping on orders over $99. With the monthly delivery option, you can skip a month, push out our delivery a few months, or cancel the deliveries anytime. There is no fee for the monthly delivery, and you get an additional discount on the foods you purchase by choosing this option. The video below will walk you through the in’s and out’s of the monthly delivery option!

Make a Plan!

I have set a personal goal to spend $100 monthly on long-term food storage. When ordering from Thrive Life, I always shop from the monthly specials to buy foods on sale, and I have the monthly deliveries set up so that by spending over $99, my food storage ships for free. This option of ordering food storage has been a game-changer for me regarding my emergency preparedness goals. Setting a budget, sticking to it, and ordering my food storage from Thrive Life monthly for the past eight years has been the main reason for my success in growing my family’s food storage stockpile.

Let’s Chat!

I would love to talk to you about how to afford food storage and reach your goals. I am happy to speak with you one on one and set up a Zoom call to discuss where you are at and where you would like to be with your emergency preparedness. FYI: I buy most of my food storage from Thrive Life, but I also purchase different brands. During your complimentary consultation, we can discuss the other food storage brands I purchase and why I buy them.

I am excited for you to start your emergency preparedness journey, and I am honored to help guide you as you work toward your personal goals.

I am passionate about food storage- because your food storage is your food insurance!


PS- you can also find me on Instagram @foodstoragemama and I would love for you to follow the Modern Food Storage Mama Facebook page!

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