What Toiletries Do You Need For a 72-hour Kit?

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Toiletries for your 72-hour kit emergency evacuation bug out bag

WEEK FOUR: 12-Week 72-Hour Kit Challenge

What Toiletries Do You Need For a 72-hour Kit?

We are now starting the fourth week of our 72-hour Kit challenge; wahoo! 

Are you following along and working on this project with us? We are taking on this project one week at a time, taking baby steps, and sticking to a budget!

If you are new to this challenge and looking for the information for the first three weeks, you will find the article for week one HERE, week two HERE, and week three HERE.

Also, if you still need a copy of my Free 72-hour Kit Guide, sign up through THIS LINK! I have printable checklists in this guide for items to pack in your emergency kits, instructions, and more.

When you sign up for my free guides, I’ll email you my Free Food Storage Guide first, and then I will send you my free 72-hour kit guide in another email. I want you to have both of these free guides to help set you up for success with your emergency preparedness goals. 

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For the 72-hour kit challenge, I encourage you to spend $25 or less weekly on your kit. Setting a specific budget and adding items to our kits gradually allows us to stay within a reasonable budget while building custom 72-hour kits. 

The objective of my 12-week challenge is to help you assemble two adult-sized kits that will provide for your basic needs in an emergency by the end of the 12 weeks.

Now, let’s get into what we will focus on during week FOUR!

For the fourth week of our 72-Hour Kit Challenge, I want you to focus on personal toiletries.

CAN. YOU. EVEN. imagine being in an emergency and not having a toothbrush. AH, that sounds awful to me. I want you to stock your kids with essential toiletries. We aren’t talking about all the fancy skincare here; we are just talking about the absolute basics for three days.

What toiletry item could you NOT live without for three days? I am so curious to know your answer to this! I would love for you to comment on this blog post and tell us what you can’t live without!

For this week’s challenge, I encourage you to find as many toiletry items as possible for your kits within a $25 budget. You may have a few travel-sized shampoos or conditioners from your last trip. What about toothbrushes and travel toothpaste? Do you have any of these in your home? BEFORE you buy anything for any week of the challenge for your 72-hour kits, I encourage you to shop your own home first! Look through your supplies and see what you already have that you could use for your kits!!

I have rounded up some affordable toiletry kits from Walmart for you to check out! To see the pricing and learn more about what comes in these kits, click THIS LINK!

72-hour kit toiletries for emergency bug out evacuation bags

I have also rounded up some affordable toiletry kits from Amazon for you to check out! To see the pricing on these kits and learn more about what comes in them, click THIS LINK!

72-hour kit toiletries for emergency evacuation kit

What essential toiletry items should you include in your 72-hour kit?

Consider storing these items in your emergency kits. 

  1. toothbrush
  2. toothpaste/floss
  3. antibacterial soap/hand sanitizer
  4. feminine hygiene products
  5. hair brush/comb/hair rubber bands
  6. shampoo/conditioner
  7. deodorant
  8. wet wipes/baby wipes
  9. toilet paper
  10. sunscreen/chapstick
  11. glasses/contacts/contact solution
  12. prescription medication

*reminder: I have a free 72-Hour Kit Guide with printable checklists, directions, etc. If you still need my guides, you can sign up HERE. And if you have any issues, please email me at [email protected]

You can customize your kits!

You can pick and choose what you think you want or need. To stick to our $25 budget, you may only be able to purchase some things on this list at a time. I encourage you to prioritize what toiletry items you buy and start with the absolute basics! Shampoo and conditioner would be great, but we could get away with not washing our hair for 72 hours if we had to. Now, brushing your teeth is another story; I want to brush my teeth every day, no matter what!!

You can go over the recommended $25 per week if your budget allows if you want to purchase the entire list all at once. This 72-hour kit challenge is meant to be a guide to help you complete your 72-hour kits in a timely manner and within a budget. Still, you get to tailor this challenge and these kits to your specific needs, so if I ever suggest something you disagree with, go ahead and do what is best for your family and your kits! My role here is to encourage you.

I have created a free printable to help you achieve your week four goals! You will find that printable HERE!

Why are toiletry items essential for your 72-hour kits?

Toiletry items are essential components of a 72-hour emergency kit for several reasons.

Personal hygiene is crucial during emergencies, and access to clean water and facilities could be limited. Toiletry items like soap, toothpaste, and toilet paper can prevent the spread of germs and help you to stay as clean as possible.

Having familiar toiletry items can provide comfort and normalcy, especially in stressful situations. Items like a toothbrush, comb, or lotion can offer a small but significant source of comfort during challenging times.

Neglecting personal hygiene can lead to various health issues, especially in emergencies where medical assistance may not be readily available. You can reduce the risk of infections and other health concerns by including toiletry items in emergency kits.

Personal hygiene plays a significant role in maintaining morale and mental well-being. Feeling clean and fresh can help individuals feel more positive and resilient during emergencies, contributing to their mental health.

When we face challenging situations, having the right tools and personal care items can make all the difference. That’s why including these essential items in your emergency kit is a good idea. With them, you’ll be better prepared to care for yourself and your loved ones, no matter your challenges.

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ps- If you would like to learn more about what kinds of foods to store in your 72-hour kits, you will find THIS POST and the attached free printable helpful!

You can also find the directions to create your own Emergency Preparedness Binder HERE, I have TONS of free printables for you!

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